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English Essay on "A Football Match" for Children and Students, Short and Long Essay for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation, Competitive Examinations.

A Football Match

Today games have become an important part of our lives. They promote health and a good healthy body has a sound mind.

Last Sunday my father took me to see a football match. It was played at National Stadium at India Gate. The weather was clear. It was a sunny day.

We reached the Stadium on our maruti car. We parked the our car in parking and bought two tickets and then entered the Stadium.

The match was between our football team and a visiting England team. The Stadium was full to capacity. People were sitting on opposite sides. They were carrying the banners of their country. There was lot of excitement in the ground.

At 3 p.m. the match started. Our captain won the toss. It proved be an exciting match. For the first ten minutes, the two teams were equally fighting.

The England team's players kick the ball hard. Our players put up a strong defence. Before interval they scored an equalizer. In the beginning the match was slow, but later it became very interesting.

The match began again after the interval. The England team's players started to kick the ball hard. Our players put up a strong defence.

Both the teams tried hard but could not score a goal. The match ended in a draw.

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