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English Essay on "A Scene outside The Examination Hall" for Children and Students, Paragraph, Speech for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation, Competitive Exam.

A Scene outside The Examination Hall

Examinations sap the examinees of energy and make them sleepless at nights. But, then, it has not so far been possible to devise a better way of judging their ability. So, they are a necessary evil.

It is strange that an examinee's ability has to be judged in just three hours. Again, there is no better way out. All who study, know that they will have to appear in the examination one day. They have had to work hard for months together. As the crucial day comes, they reach the examination hail, prepared for it, some more some less.

A few minutes before the start of the examination, there is a strange scene out-side the examination hall. An eerie silence prevails there. The examinees are carrying their books and notes in their hands which they have already mugged up and are trying to make this mugging firmer and firmer in their minds. Most of the examinees are busy in their own work and are not inclined to talk. But a few, sitting or standing in groups of two or three may be seen discussing some points.

Even the dullest students appear to be great scholars outside the examination hall. They are poring over their books most attentively. Some of them may he thinking of devising means of copying or behaving if they are caught copying.

The brilliant students are also busy revising their notes or lessons. But comparatively, they are not so much agitated. They wear cool and balanced looks.

Most of the students reach the examination hall well before time. They look at the notice-board to find out their room and even try to locate their seats. They try to bring to the notice of the superintendent if they find any discrepancy. But a few careless students reach the hall late and enter it in a state of great excitement. Rarely, there may be one or More students who get delayed because of some genuine difficulty. The supervisors generally try to accommodate them. As soon as the bell rings, all the students enter the hall. The scene outside is now that of a deserted place but for presence of a supervisor, a peon and two constables.

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