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English Essay on "A Visit to an Exhibition" for Children and Students, Short and Long Essay for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation, Competitive Exam.

A Visit to an Exhibition

Exhibitions may be called the barometers of a country's progress. They bring to the notice of the masses as well as experts the achievements of the country in various fields. It is well that a permanent Exhibition Ground has been developed in Delhi, which is exclusively meant for holding exhibitions. It is situated at the Mathura Road, not far from Delhi gate.

Last month an Agricultural-cum-Indus-trial Exhibition was held at the Exhibition grounds. I visited it to quench my thirst for knowledge. I found the place agog with activity. A sea of humanity seemed to be entering the main gate of the exhibition. Nobody seemed to 13; coming out.

The first impression I got was that of having entered a dreamland. The whole ground was covered and decorated with huge multi-colour bulbs and tube-lights arranged in artistic designs. The area was divided into several sections. Each section had a particular type of product in its varied forms and allied designs to display.

Broadly speaking, there were two main sections - the agricultural and the industrial. In the agricultural section, there were separate stalls exhibiting the achievements of various agricultural universities, institutions and private bodies. There were new types of harvesters, combines and spraying ma-chines. The new varieties of seeds and plants were also displayed. The role of the Punjab and Haryana Agricultural Universities in bringing about Green and White Revolutions and now Blue Revolution (fishery in Punjab) was shown through highly informative charts, models and designs.
The Industrial section was much larger than the Agricultural section. It highlighted the achievements of various public and private sector units. Heavy industry, medium-typed industry and small-scale industry were all represented. The displayed items ranged from production of the steel plants, ship yards, drills and cars to small transistors, electric goods, T.V., computers and even hair-pins. The variety was endless. India's New Industrial Policy was also brought to the notice of the visitors through handbills and booklets. Advances in medical, engineering, textile and chemical sciences were also adequately presented through booklets and models.

In fact, the exhibition was a treat to the brain as much as to the eyes.

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