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English Essay on "The Craze for Fashions" for Children and Students, Paragraph, Speech for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation, Competitive Exam.

The Craze for Fashions

Man has always been fashionable. The ancient relics show men and women wearing different hair-styles, clothes and jewellery. But the craze for fashions is something modern to man.

Fashions change every now and then. Actors and actresses in various films are the great pioneers in this field. The young men and women try to ape whatever they see in films. The modern world is a small one and interaction between people of different nationalities leads to imbibing the living habits of one another.

The craze for fashions is more rampant in the cities and towns than in small villages. It is particularly more among the school and college boys and girls. This is the field in particular where the girls have stolen a march over the boys. The boys move about like dandies and the girls like fairies. Some-times, they put on dresses of the opposite sex and have the same hair style, such that it is very difficult to tell whether the young person before us is a boy or a girl.

The fashions go on changing. Some-time back, the young people wore very tight clothes. Then they began to wear bell-bot-toms. Now they wear jeans and baggy trousers. Sometimes, the clothes worn by girls are too gaudy and obscene.

It is not understandable when our youth will realize that wearing clean, charming but simple clothes is all right, but being an ape or a monkey is something different. Our young people waste so much time and money on brushing themselves up instead of concentrating on studies, arts, sports and extramural activities which can lead to an all round development of their personality.

Let our youth learn how to spend their time more usefully and constructively in the national interest than on time-consuming but quickly changing fashions introduced by tailors.

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