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Describe the function held in honour of the players in your school in a letter to your sister. English Letter for students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 Exam.

Your school has won the first prize in the University Tournament. Describe the function held in honour of the players in your school in a letter to your sister.

S.C. G. Chand Hostel, 
October 23, 20XX. 
My Dear Sister, 
It is with great pleasure and pride that I tell you about the recent honour won by our school. Our school hockey XI bagged the district Tournament Shield, for the first time. It was an occasion for great joy. 

The other day, a grand function was held in honour of the players in the school hall. The hall was tastefully decorated for the occasion. The members of the school Managing Committee, the staff and important citizens of the town interested in sports, were present. 
At the appointed time, the hockey players led by the Captain, entered the hall. All the players were in their attractive uniform. The Captain held the big shield in his hands. The Headmaster received the players and directed them to the chairs placed on the dais towards the right of the President's chair. It was an impressive scene. All the players had majestic figures. They were radiant with health and joy. The senior students were also present. The whole gathering comprised about two hundred and fifty.

The President of the School Committee was proposed to the chair. The function began with an opening speech by the Headmaster. He introduced each player to the audience and spoke very highly of the Captain and the best players. He praised the players for their sportsman spirit and the combined game that they had played. They had brought fresh glory to the school which was proud of their achievement. The Headmaster gave a glowing description of the exciting and decisive moments in the final match which was very keenly contested as both the teams were well balanced. In the end he thanked the team for having shown perfect discipline, courage and perseverance. He congratulated them most heartily on their splendid victory. There were some more speeches in the same strain. 

Then the Captain of the team rose to speak. He ascribed their victory to the facilities provided by the school authorities in the matter of games and the keen and personal interest that the Headmaster and the staff took in them. But for the great encouragement of the patrons of the school and that the Headmaster coupled with the co-operation of the team, he would not have been able to achieve all this. He assured all present that they would spare no pains to keep up the glorious traditions of the school. 

The President made a neat brief speech suited to the occasion. He congratulated the team and the staff on their most glorious achievement. He stressed the need of true sportsman spirit everywhere in life. With a vote of thanks to the chair, the function came to a close. 

Then the team was photographed with the members of the School Committee and the staff. The photo was followed by a sumptuous tea to the team and the guests. The function was a great success. 
With kind remembrances from, 

Yours affectionate brother, 
Raj Swamp. 

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