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Letter from a father to son calling explanation for misbehaviour. English Letter for students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 Exam.

Letter from a father to son calling explanation for misbehaviour. 

Dear Rajat, 
I have just now received your letter. I received a letter from your principal also yesterday. While reconciling the two statements carefully, I have reached to the conclusion that the whole fault lies on you. It is indeed a sad affair that a boy like you should misbehave and insult his professor in the class. No professor thinks ill of his pupil ever. He is a parent in college, like us, at home. If at any time he speaks any hard work, it is for the benefit of the pupil. I am not at all happy on your telling a lie and trying to throw the blame on your professor. I would advise you that you should immediately approach your professor and Principal and apologies for all that you have one. If you find yourself incapable to doing so, I would suggest you to quite the college and come back to this place. There is absolutely no use in studying in a college where you find your professors as your enemies. 

Your mummy worries much about you and complains that she has not received a single letter during the last five months. 

Your loving father, 

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