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Letter to your brother describing him your journey. English Letter for students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 Exam.

Your are sailing to England in a fine ship. Write a letter to your brother describing him your journey. 

'Jai Tarang' 
September 10, 20XX. 

Dear Abhay, 
I have been sailing on the bosom of the blue sea for the last four days. I am feeling comfortable. I have had no vomiting and no sea sickness. 

My companion Mr. Agarwal, is very kind to me. He looks to all my comforts. The voyage is sure to widen my mental outlook and add to my knowledge of the sea, ships and the people on the continent. 
The 'Jai Tarang' in which I am sailing is a fine ship. She carries more than 450 passengers bound for different parts of Europe. The cabins are provided with all modem comforts and amenities. The various cabins are connected by flights of stairs. We daily receive news from all parts of the world by wireless telegraphy. Milk, sweets and all kinds of fruits are available at reasonable rates. 

We are having a beautiful time. We pass our time chatting, playing and reading books and newspapers. The other day we had a thrilling and exciting cricket match. It was a great fun to see cricket being played on board a ship. 

I have made several new friends. One of them has invited me to play a visit to Humburg, in Germany. Another friend has invited me to Paris. I may visit Paris for about a week on my return journey. 
I am keeping quite fit and healthy and there is absolutely nothing to worry about me. 

Convey my best respects to elders and give my love to dear Khushi and Kiran. 

Yours loving brother, 

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