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Letter to your father describing your experience on the opening day of your school. English Letter for students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 Exam.

Write a letter to your father describing your experience on the opening day of your school. 

24 N.K. College Hostel, 
6 July, 20  
My Dear Father, 
It is 9.30 p.m. now but I am writing to you before I go to bed. I was very nervous this morning. I was afraid that old boys would play tricks on me. But I very soon saw how I could face it without much harm. Some of the new boys were very ill-tempered. They suffered the most. So I decided to be meek and humble. 

As I stood quietly in the verandah a very tall and well-dressed boy, who was my senior, came up. Some boys whispered that their teacher was coming. When he came near Me, he said to me, "You, there. Hold my books." I obeyed immediately. Then he said, "Wip my shoes" I saw the whole trick but obeyed again. 

My ordeal was over. He said, "Good chap." He patted me on the back and went on. Nobody said a word to me after that. Latter on I found him in the hostel too. He is senior Monitor here. He patronizes me and helps me in studies and in extracurricular activities as well. I am quite happy. Life at school began as a tun and I hope it will be fun all through. 

With love to mummy and Neeru. 
Yours affectionately, 
Rahul Jain.

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