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Letter to your father informing him of your success in winning a prize at a debate. English Letter for students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 Exam.

Write a letter to your father informing him of your success in winning a prize at a debate. 

Shanti Niwas 
Friends' Colony, 
February 21, 20XX. 

My Dear Father, 
You will be glad to learn that on the 10th instant there was a debate in our school. The subject of the debate was "Physical punishment should be abolished in schools". Ten students drawn from various schools took part in it. I was also one of the participants. The District Education Officer of Ambala presided over the function. The Principals. of the three local colleges acted as the judges. 

Five students spoke in favour of the proposition and on equal number against the motion. I spoke against the motion. Students speaking for the motion said, "Punishment is bad from all point of view. It creates in the child's mind a horror for the school and disrespect for the giver of the punishment. It kills the child's personality. It makes him dull. It ruins a child's health and career". 

Those who spoke against the proposition said, "Without punishment, there would be no discipline. The boys would become unruly. They would defy the teachers and their orders. They would never attend to their studies. In every matter, they would take the law into their own hands. They would go on strikes over thrifling matters. They would dictate to the teachers and the Headmaster at every step. Instead of obeying, they would command. They would interfere with the school administration. They won't take the terminal tests if there were up no fear of punishment. They would cut the classes whenever they would like. 

My speech was adjudged to be the best. It was punctuated with frequent applause and cheers. Several times, the audience insisted on encore. I was awarded the first prize. I feel honoured and encouraged. I have decided to take part in every debate or declamation contest of the school and thus further improve my power of self-expression. 

I hope the news will give you the greatest joy. Please convey the happy news to dear mother, Rohini and all my friends. 

Yours affectionately, 
R.K. Saxena. 

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