Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons are deadly weapons and have been used in war three times. The consequences of their use put an end to the war, but at the same time, the bombs take the life of many people. Nuclear weapons create an unbearable danger to humanity and to the environment. It is difficult for total nuclear disarmament but we can assure the world that an event like World War II will in no way happen again. The main job of nuclear weapons is to destroy. When these bombs were dropped during World War Il people were disintegrated and burnt to death

During a nuclear attack, the fireball develops around an exploding warhead, which evaporates everything and everybody within or around it. The blast easily knocks down buildings and squashes humans under the debris. The external force from the blast throws people hundreds of feet to their death. Meanwhile, a deadly ionizing quantity of radiation can kill anybody within a mile. Some people may also receive a lethal explosion dose of this radiation, by means of blowing winds.

There is no remedy available after an event like this and a bulk of the survivors would die from famine or disease. The American soldiers who handled these bullets suffered health problems. Of the 600,000 U.S. troops that served in the Gulf War, around 60,000 have medical problems of respiration, liver and kidney dysfunction, memory loss, headaches, fever, low blood pressure, and birth defects among their newborn children.