The problem of unemployment is becoming a massive dilemma. A variety of problems has led to this problem. Unemployment merely means a condition when talented and enthusiastic people are not getting jobs as per their own abilities. In India, there is an inadequate number of jobs. The individual factors like age, occupational unfitness, and physical disabilities restrict the people from working. Whereas the external factors include technological and economic factors. There is the massive increase in the population. Every year the population is increasing at a faster rate. Every year more than 5 million people become eligible for securing jobs. The economic depression or sick industries are often closed down forcing their employees to become unemployed. The technological advancement contributes a lot to economic development.

But the unplanned and uncontrolled expansion of technology is causing problems for job opportunities. Computerization and automation have led to technological unemployment. The frequent strikes and lockouts have become an indissoluble aspect of the industrial world today,

Due to these reasons, our industries often face economic depression and production comes down. Apart from these, the workers do not get any salary or wage during the strike period. As a result, they suffer from financial hardships. They become permanently, or for the time being, unemployed. Nowadays, youth are not ready to take jobs that are considered to be socially humiliating or deprived.

Our educational system has its own permanent defects and it contributes to unemployment. Our learning does not prepare the minds of the young generation to become self-employed. On the contrary, it makes them reliant on government vacancies which are tough to achieve. The Five-year plans have introduced numerous employment generating schemes and programs over the years but the lack of appropriate realization and application has made it unsuccessful to achieve the compulsory targets. The government has come up with a rural employment guarantee program which aims to grant minimum days of employment to people living in the villages. This is a commendable program if implemented sincerely as it will give employment to people during natural calamities like drought, floods, etc. The remedial measures for reducing unemployment may lay greater stress on the creation of opportunities for self-employment, expansion of productivity and income levels of the working poor, building up of strong productive assets in the rural areas.

India as a nation is faced with enormous problems of unemployment. Unemployment can be defined as a state of worklessness for a man healthy and eager to work. It is a state of spontaneous and not voluntary idleness. Some features of unemployment have been recognized as follows:

Unemployment is much higher in cities than in the villages. Unemployment rates for women are higher than those for men. There is larger unemployment in the agricultural sector than in the industrial and other major sectors.