A Tour to A Hill Station

A hill station is a little paradise on the Earth. Few days, back I along with my friends visited Nainital. We set out for Nainital from New Delhi on 21 June, 2008. First, of all, we went to Muradabad by car. We stayed there for two hours and then went to Haldwani. At Haldwani, we relaxed for some time and then drove towards Nainital. When we moved towards Nainital from Haldwani, we saw numerous green mountains, water channels, and waterfalls on the way. We arrived at Nainital in the early hours on 22 June, 2008. We stayed at Hotel Hill Vision De J Hill Vision Deluxe. It was situated on a hilltop. 

From the hotel, we could see the panoramic sight of the lake of Nainital.  The city of Nainital is surrounded by a U-shaped lake. There are many hotels, restaurants and walking ridges. There is also a skating area in the city, beside a cinema hall, which is close to the skating area. We traveled through the lanes of the city and enjoyed ourselves a lot. We also went to monkey point by a cable car. It is also known as 'viewpoint'. At the viewpoint, we saw the Indo-China border, which remains covered with snow throughout the year. There were beautiful mountains around us. But we had very little time so we came back. However, we did some trekking in the confined mountains of Nainital.

After staying for three days in Nainital, we went to visit other lakes like Talli Taal, Naukuchia Taal, Bhim Taal, and Malli Taal. In fact, there are seven lakes in that area. We saw all of them. After visiting these places we went to Almora, a hill station at a great height in the upper Himalayas. It is a gorgeous place, filled with lively people, vegetation, and captivating mountains. Then, we went to see Ranikhet, another striking hill spot, and spent one night over there. We also enjoyed our stay at a hotel in Ranikhet. The hotel was on the top of a mountain from where one could see the entire valley. The landscape, the weather, and the people captivated us. We were tempted to stay there forever.

We left Ranikhet and arrived at Kausani, the highest point in the mountains of that region. At Kausani, we stayed at a hotel, had vegetarian food and some sweets. We took photographs and met the people of Kausani. The place was quite peaceful and calm. We also forgot our examination fears and danced to the tunes of the folk songs.

All through our stay in the hilly region, we found that those areas were least affected by pollution, though Nainital was a bit congested. Ranikhet and Almora are cold places but are populated and this has made it somewhat warmer and crowded. People living in the hills are quite honest and brave. They work very hard in order to make their living. The main source of livelihood is the tourists. We were happy to learn that our hills in India have made an impact on their minds.

At last, we came down from the hills. We left Kausani and arrived at Ranikhet and then Almora. We stayed at Almora while returning. Then, finally, at Nainital, we went to the lake and enjoyed boating once again.

Then, we left Nainital and set out for Delhi. This trip would always stay fresh in our minds. We shall forever look forward to go to such a beautiful place like Nainital.