Curbing The Pollution Menace

In Indian society, production and trade are developing at a faster speed, this burden can be seen on our environment. Pollution is the main cause of physiological decay in Western nations. And ironically, in the free market world of today, the Indian population is also becoming an easy victim to such hazardous trends. Besides poverty and illiteracy, pollution has become a matter of high concern for not only India but the whole world. All of them are harmful to our national interests.

Pollution is mainly of four types; water pollution, air pollution, food pollution, and noise pollution. All these types of pollution have made fast inroads into our economic system, urban settings, and rural areas during the past two decades.

The water in city and village areas has been polluted. Almost all the rivers of India have become large sewage drains. These drains spread deadly chemicals in the fields and the crops become infected with poisonous chemicals. When we eat those crops we fall ill.

Further, city life is witnessing high levels of pollution due to traffic on roads and the industrial development. The smog from the industries has increased the cases of bronchial asthma, lung cancer, eye problems, and neurological disorders. The village areas are also not far away and rural pollution would become a fatal threat within a few years from now.

Further, foodstuffs which are grown with the help of chemicals, fertilizers, and harmful pesticides, though help the food products to remain edible but are becoming a threat to our physical fitness. Further adulteration of edible oil leads to deadly diseases when consumed by the people. The liquor is also contaminated in many parts of the country.

Noise pollution is considered to be the most recent threat, which leads to brutal psychological disorders. Many heart diseases, schizophrenia, and insanity are caused due to noise pollution in cities of India.

The pollution has caused many threats, which harm the life on the earth. The lives of human beings, plants, and animals suffer a lot due to pollutants. As of today, there seems to be no fleeing from the pollution threat. Our families, small innocent children are the soft targets of the pollution threat. If this evil is not controlled in the near future, our Earth would suffer a lot due to its harmful after effects. So, we must pollution from all sides and if possible, eradicate it all-weather. The only solution for curbing the menace of pollution is to kill at it its source.

The government has taken several steps to control the pollution. But in spite of the continuous efforts of the government, the NGOs, and environmental regulatory agencies, India is still one of the most polluted nations in the world.

The government is taking essential steps to fight against this menace. The vehicles are being driven by compressed natural gas.

Numerous stations for checking pollution have been set up at petrol pumps in all major cities.

The vehicles which are older than fifteen years are being dumped.

Delhi and some other metro cities have a Metro Rail System which helps in reducing the pollution problem to a greater extent.

People are being educated about pollution control, electric cars, carpool system, usage of tidal energy, solar energy, and other energy sources, etc.

Solar cookers are being used for heating water and cooking food.

Mineral water is being sold in bottles for cooking and drinking purpose.

Further, natural fertilizers and bio-chemicals are used by the industries. The rivers are being cleaned regularly and ant pollutants are being discharged from time to time.

Trees help in reducing pollution and thus we should plant more trees to make the environment pollution-free.

These campaigns will definitely help the masses to take up new and eco-friendly technologies.

However, we have a long way to go. But a day will come when we will have a pollution-free environment.