Global Environment

The latest era has brought the threat of pollution to the habitat. The impact on our environment is tremendous and can be seen on the crowded roads, polluted cities, choked drain lines, and unhygienic water. The villages are also experiencing the reaction of the heat and environmental degradation. We are at the present producing high levels of NO,, CO, CO, in our cities than we produced ten years ago. Industrialization is the essential process of mankind and pollution is the most rational result of industrialization.

The environment has decomposed in terms of degraded food, water, air, vegetation, and the goods accessible in the markets. We know that we are breathing harmful air but we feel helpless. Many people living in cities fall ill and suffer from lung cancer, due to high levels of lead oxide mixed in the air by the pollutants. There have been many seminars and assemblies for soughting out ways to help and work for the global environment. According to the views of developed nations, the underdeveloped nations must buy the pollution control types of equipment from them and therefore, work according to the pollution norms laid down at the earlier conferences.

The underprivileged and developing nations believe that the well-off nations themselves have been not obeying the norms and they should follow the protocols signed earlier. The accusations from the developed and the developing nations, on each other, are not astonishing. In fact, both the groups have been unsuccessful in maintaining the global environment. In order to control the pollution of water, food, air, and vegetation, we need to take essential actions that would guide us to minimize the pollution.

The liability for creating a threat-free and eco-friendly environment in the nation should be governed by various government agencies. In India, many agencies, NGOs and government departments are trying to restrain pollution from vehicles and create consciousness among the masses about a healthy and hygienic environment. However, these agencies need pollution control types of equipment, skilled manpower, and funds. The types of equipment for pollution control can be imported at low-priced rates and the government can promote eco-friendly industrial units.

The legislations are being approved in order to check the pollution of old vehicles and get rid of those vehicles, which are older than fifteen years.

Even the masses can work efficiently towards "saving the environment". They may not give monetary help, but can always inform the police about a polluting vehicle. They can also file a complaint about the unhygienic distribution of food, which could kill hundreds of people. They can spread awareness among the factory owners to set up pollution-free generators which emit minimum quantities of pollutants into the atmosphere.

Strict laws, fines for polluting the earth, and other ways have been introduced to reduce pollution. When the fossil fuels would be worn out, the pollution levels would reduce. But the substitute energy sources must not produce disorder due to their polluting abilities. For example, the fallout of radiation from a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl (Russia) affected thousands of people. So we must try to build up those energy sources, which do not produce high levels of pollution. If the citizens all over the world would take up the initiative to end the pollution menace then we would quickly overcome this problem.