Entertainment helps overcome the boredom of life. As a universal rule, man should look for some type of entertainment after eight hours of work. This helps to rejuvenate his mind and work harder in his next phase of work.

The usual modes of entertainment include cards, bridge, squash, cricket, and hockey, billiards, wrestling, reading and listening to classical music. Though time have now changed. New ways of entertainment have hit international markets and homes. Some of these models include Internet, cable TV, bowling, music concerts, computer games and clubs.

Web surfing through exciting websites, television on the Net, E-mail transmissions and E-mail pals have become a good form of entertainment. Internet surfers can communicate with people around the world with the click of a mouse. Internet offers limitless opportunities in terms of entertainment. The majority of the newspapers and magazines also have their websites on the net. In future, the net would turn out to be a mode for entertainment due to cheap access, latest information and effortless surfing. The youth and the elderly would discover it equally exciting and tempting as a means for giving a vent to their suppressed feelings.

The next mode of modern entertainment is cable TV. It appeared on the entertainment scenario during the late seventies. In all the households of the world, we can see the cable TV network on which movies, soap operas, chat shows and songs from the movies are telecast which entertain the masses. The music channels like MTV, 9XM, are some of the well-known English music channels. Hindi channels are also in great quantity and provide good entertainment.

The music concerts are the "trend" in India. The Indian pop stars as well as foreign-based musical group and singers have triggered the fashion. The Indian folk dances are also trendy nowadays. In concerts people themselves take part and entertain their exhausted minds and souls by giving a vent to their thoughts. Some of these occasions include garba, dandia, bhangra, giddha and others.

The ghazal form of singing is the essence of Indian poetry. These days, famous musicians and ghazal singers present enthralling programmes, to rejuvenate the souls of Indian audiences. A major source of entertainment for children and young people are the computer games. Computer games help in sharpening the minds of the players. Though, playing games for lengthy hours will probably damage the eyes and backbone of the player.

The club culture is another form of entertainment that started in India all through the early eighties. Some of the clubs like the Lions Club, Rotary Club and other well known International Clubs are operating in India. Further, some firms, households or neighbours have also formed their clubs. The clubs encourage musical concerts, cocktails, dance festivals, discotheques, games of bridge and billiards and meetings with cinema personalities. However, club culture is prevalent in wealthy society. The normal people cannot afford this type of entertainment.

We should entertain ourselves as it develops the psyche and soothes the heart.