Moral Values

Indian society has emerged as a flexible civilization in spite of several hundred years of disorder, troubles, and political insecurities.

Since the early seventies of the last century, we have been witnessing a remarkable change in our moral and social parameters. The club culture, discotheques have entered our society by breaking the barriers of religion, the social order, and culture. The negative influences of the west can be seen easily in our city life. The family system has been replaced by the nuclear family and we are now more interested in monetary and personal liberty and not in the liberty of our family or society. The youth in our country are the targets of such bad influence as of the western culture. The youth has a spotless mind and anything can be written on it.

They are easily influenced by cinema, cable TV culture the theatre, and the Internet. A young boy or girl can easily learn the negative points of the western culture but avoid grasping the good values followed in the west. They love to go to a discotheque and dance at the night but they do not like to follow the western rule of being in offices at the right time. Indian moral values have been worn out during the last two decades. The western world promotes personal freedom and relaxation. This type of culture is opposed in our country.

Indian music and melody are known for calming the brain whereas western music is known for shaking the legs. Though we are morally stronger than western people yet we try to imitate them in all possible ways. If we do not do so, we are identified as backward and "very old people." In order to be acknowledged in the new culture, we imitate the western culture and become a part of the new social and moral environment, which has nothing to suggest but uncertainty and psychological torture. We ourselves are accountable for this moral perish. Why do we let ourselves be ruined when the western influences try to change our minds? We have no answer to this question. Now the Westerners have started regarding and respecting our old moral values and have taken up meditation, yoga, spiritual discourses and a simple way of life. Many westerners have left liquor, tobacco, non-vegetarian food and fast life after visiting India. We are trying to imitate the west in the most blatant manner by wearing the least amount of clothes and the western people are trying to live in Varanasi with saffron clothes wrapped around them. What a farce!

It is very true that East is east and west is west. They can by no means get together to form a new and healthy culture. But we can keep our moral values and at the same time, acknowledge their high-quality values in order to make our society better. They are creative and product-oriented but we are not like them so, we should study the techniques of hard work and efficiency from them.

They love enjoyment and freedom. We should ignore this style of living when we know that family and society have always been respected in our society. We have to choose and decide carefully what will lead us to darkness and what will take us to upliftment. At present we are feeling the warmth of the western culture in our cities but soon the countryside areas would-be victim of this culture.

Our moral values have been treasured since the days of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. This is the age of Kalyuga or darkness. The Satyuga or the age of moral supremacy would arrive. We have by now imbibed sufficient vices of Kalyuga and a transformation is certain. Moral values would exist in Satyuga.