My Ambition in Life

I am Sheetal Pradhan. I study in Jesus and Mary School, Delhi. I am not a very ambitious girl. I have been taught by my parents that if a person is over-ambitious, he or she kills himself slowly. I want to achieve practical targets in my life and look forward to getting them with my commitment, honesty, and hard work. Therefore, I know my goals but I would try to attain them in a slow and steady manner. Preparation and hard work are the two pillars of my career plans.

I am determined to become a doctor. I have always been keen to work as a doctor. My earlier schooling was done in the best of the schools of India-the Doon School. There, I was introduced to the great subjects of Science. I feel that if I become a doctor, I would be able to walk towards this path with complete mental satisfaction. I would, therefore, start my own nursing home. The job of a doctor is very difficult as they have to handle the patients with a lot of care.

Everybody in my family wants me to become a doctor and serve the humanity. My father is also a doctor. He is a neuro surgeon. He runs his own clinic. I would naturally follow in his footsteps. I am a student of Science. I would finish my studies within one year. Then, I would go ahead with the graduate course in Science. This would help me to get through the competitive examination.

I am already working hard for appearing in the entrance examination. I study for nearly sixteen hours a day. I also go to a reputed coaching institute, which would buff up my logical and competitive capability. I have been informed about my weaknesses and strong areas. I am trying my best to remove the drawbacks whereas I am consolidating my abilities in those areas in which, I already have an outstanding grasp.

The life of a doctor is not so easy. If I become a doctor, 1 would have to work very hard. I would have to start as a beginner in a government hospital but I would pick up gradually. I am sure about my ambition and career because know what I want from my life.

Our nation needs able and sensible doctors. A huge part of the country, including the rural areas, is still underdeveloped. I would help the country by becoming an able doctor and grant them financial assistance by not taking the fees from the poor and downtrodden people.

Nowadays, hospitals are being privatized. So, I might join a private hospital after completing my medical college. Private hospitals are efficient in India. lt is necessary to have good hospitals. I genuinely feel that India does not lack resources.  She only needs a proper management.

Financial resources, though limited, are adequate enough to start good hospitals in villages. The only safety measure to be taken by us is to utilize them cautiously. Only then would we be able to develop our nation where health plays a major role in our society.

I have an optimistic attitude that my ambition would definitely be fulfilled. I am also working hard to realize my dreams. My parents, teachers, friends, and guides in the coaching institute are helping me in all possible ways. I know about my abilities as well. Keeping in view progress for the preparation for the entrance examination I am working hard and I hope to get through this essential test of my life with flying colors. I would certainly be successful as a doctor as it is in this profession that heart and soul are committed to each other.