In today's world terrorism is developing like a cancerous growth. Several hundred people have died around the world due to terrorist activities.

Terrorists work in an extremely professional manner. They separate their tasks and responsibilities and carry them out in a very scrupulous manner. The bomb blasts, the incidents of random firing, the attacks on police personnel, and the aircraft hijacks have become common terrorist acts. Their main aim is to generate fear among the masses. The confused ordinary man thinks that the law and order problem has assumed dangerous magnitude. He, therefore, loses confidence in the law-enforcing agencies and the government. This leads to political disorder and political upheavals. Terrorists and their masterminds are thus clever to weaken the entire nation through their acts of violence.

All of us are aware of these problems but we are the first ones to go into a hiding in the stir of a violence unleashed by the terrorist groups. The terrorists want to 'terrorize the 'masses. If the masses stand up to the event and not get 'terrorized, the evil acts of the terrorist organizations can be hindered with no difficulty and effectiveness.

The State plays a more answerable role even in this free world full of 'individuals'. The law enforcement machinery needs to be prepared with the modern transportation systems, communication devices, and weapons. Their 'friends' already possess AK 56 rifles, mortars, bombs, night vision devices, access to airlines and helicopters, and above all, unlimited money. Terrorist organizations are spread throughout the world and no nation has been left untouched by them.

The latest center of terrorism in Asia was in Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, and Bangalore in which many people died and became disabled and homeless.

We must not allow our children to play outside after 7 o'clock. They must not be permitted to lay a hand on attractive objects like a doll or a transistor. Further, passengers in the buses and trains must look around carefully for suspicious briefcases, bags, or other objects, as there might be a bomb in those items. The police must be informed about terrorists or antisocial elements in a residential area or a public place. The citizens must co-operate in terms of funds, medicines, or medical support, to the victims of bomb attacks, railway accidents, bus accidents, or firing. They must keep in mind that they or their children could also face similar situations in the future.

Terrorism can be checked and even eliminated through well-planned efforts of the State. The people of a nation can also donate effectively in this direction. The Scotland Yard, Paramilitary forces of the nations, police forces of the complete world and NGOs have been working firm to fight this evil threat. But it is quite clear that inspite of so much of effort and safety measures there are terrorist strikes at the human lives and property. After the late seventies, the incidents of terrorist violence hijacks of aeroplanes and buses, and bomb attacks have risen in a numerical proportion. This trend has raised a fear in the minds of those who are directly associated with the law and order. The human life and expensive property built by man are prone to attacks by the terrorists of the new century. We will have to make global efforts to verify this dreadful threat.

Terrorism has to be eradicated from the world. The nations of the world must come together and fight terrorism in the name of ethnic rivalry, religion, class conflicts, or political retaliation. The world is not a secure place to live in. We have to mold the monster minds of the terrorists. Perhaps, affection could be a successful weapon for the struggle against terrorism.