The Ad World

Advertisement is a way to make a product popular through banners, televisions, radios, and kiosks. An advertisement is issued to arouse curiosity to buy a product, hold up an idea, encourage the leaders of a political group, or simply to change the ideologies of citizens. At times, advertisements also have international appeals. The advertisement is non-personal in nature and some publicity stunt or the other is built in it to stir up the curiosity of the aimed audience. The industry, which manufactures and sells the advertisements, is known as 'The Ad World'.

Advertisements are issued by businessmen, NGOs, Government departments, environmental organizations, political parties, individuals, and social service groups. Some religious groups and sects also issue advertisements. As already stated, the objective of issuing an advertisement is to provoke a definite response, which could be a purchase, the membership of a religious group, a choice to participate in a gathering or simply to change the thinking about a product or concept. This is the age of communication. Most modern tools are accessible for informing the objective about the actual messages. Similarly, people can also access advertisements and would like to buy the ideas' promoted in the particular advertisement campaigns, which hit their minds.

Advertisements could be issued in the local or regional newspapers, countrywide dailies, fortnightly magazines, cable TV networks, and the Internet. The methodologies and media could be different but the purpose is always to hit the consumers at the minimum cost. The preferred responses might come afterward but an advertisement at least informs us about the essential motives of the promoter. Thus, consumers take steps according to the advertisement and may purchase the product, services, thought, or concept, depending upon their pockets and requirements.

The ad world is cherished these days. The products are promoted and sales worth billions of dollars are affected in the course of advertisement campaigns. The copywriters, art directors, web designers, artists, and computer professionals are forever active churning out the most excellent message for the end goal. The advertisements with mass appeals are the most accepted. The ad world creates consciousness about the products, services, and concepts. It incites tired readers or the spectators to buy those products and concepts. It increases the demand and hence, contributes towards the development of the financial system of a nation. At present, services are being promoted on a great scale than other items on the list of products to be promoted.

At the same time, the ad world is also criticized by numerous people. According to them, advertisements try to create demand for those products, which are not required by the potential customers. Secondly, the ad world spends a lot on expensive advertisements and promotional campaigns. These expenditures could be restricted for constructing a healthier society.

Lastly, the ad world uses women as role models for selling their products. Women are shown in an indecent way in most of advertisements. This affects the mind of the children and the youth. Whereas the promotion of messages concerned to society, health, and environment, do not think for the profit motive. Apart from these, the main aim of all other advertisements is just to earn profit. Women are also used to promote some banned products like liquor and tobacco. These trends must be restricted through the actions taken by legislations of the State.

In addition, the ad world and its allied industries have a dazzling future in India. Advertisements on the Net are other methods of promotion to captivate the audiences in this era. People would be convinced from their heart to purchase the advertised products and services. This would in turn increase the budgets spent on advertisements. At present, the advertisements play an important role in the encouragement of a product, service, self, or organization.